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High Lander Partners with UAV Latam to Provide Drone Fleet Management Throughout Latin America

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with one of the biggest drone operators in Latin America. UAV Latam, which has subsidiaries in nine countries across the continent, will now use High Lander’s Orion drone fleet management platform for its operations across the board. UAV Latam serves clients in sectors including mining, precision agriculture, deliveries, public […]

What is a seismic sensor and how does it work?

A seismic sensor (also called a “seismometer”, a term coined by Milne-Home in 1841) is an instrument used to measure seismic waves. Now it also covers the movement of the ground when it is shaken by some type of disturbance (which can be caused by explosions, volcanic eruptions and even earthquakes). Today, they are used […]

What are drones and what are they for?

What we colloquially know as a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). unmanned aerial vehicle) that performs specific functions. It is piloted remotely (at a distance and through a remote device) without the presence of a crew and autonomously maintains a certain level of flight. In a very general way, we can affirm that […]

Drone mapping: what is it and what are its advantages?

cartografia con drones

Cartography deals with the analysis of data and measurements of terrestrial surfaces, to later capture them in a graphic way on a reduced scale. Although this discipline has been practiced since ancient times, advances in technology have revolutionized how it is practiced. One of these has been the evolution of drones, which now make it […]

Mutual Link: How does it work and what are its uses?

Mutual Link

Mutualink or Mutual Link is the name given to a group of security and risk management solutions through the use of a multimedia interoperability platform. It consists of software and hardware necessary to generate an interconnected network of users, which aims to prevent and resolve any type of communication incident in order to prevent possible […]

Pix4D: What is it and what is it for?

Pix4D que es para que sirve

Pix4D is an image processing software, which is obtained as a result of mapping with drones and mobile devices. Through the use of state-of-the-art algorithms and advanced photogrammetric processing techniques, it generates point clouds, digital surface and orthomosaic models of very high detail that are used in the field of photogrammetry. It also has a […]

Perimeter Security: What are the best current systems?

Seguridad Perimetral

The use of security systems has become essential to guarantee the protection of both private and commercial spaces. In this context, traditional security tools have relied on technology to perform their functions more efficiently. What is Perimeter Security? Perimeter Security refers to an integrated system that houses the necessary elements to defend against threats or […]

Emergency communication system: What does it consist of and how do they work?

Sistema de Comunicación de Emergencia

Emergencies and disasters are situations caused by natural and unnatural phenomena that can cause damage to infrastructure, loss of human life and livelihoods. These types of occurrences can trigger crises that directly impact the socioeconomic structure of society, which is why it is very important to implement means and strategies for prevention and alert the […]