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High Lander Partners with UAV Latam to Provide Drone Fleet Management Throughout Latin America

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with one of the biggest drone operators in Latin America. UAV Latam, which has subsidiaries in nine countries across the continent, will now use High Lander’s Orion drone fleet management platform for its operations across the board. UAV Latam serves clients in sectors including mining, precision agriculture, deliveries, public safety, energy, private security and academic research, and as such provides a dizzying array of services and works with a wide range of drones.

Our drone fleet management platform will enhance the capabilities of UAV Latam’s drone fleets as well as provide the operator with a central dashboard through which it can manage all of its missions throughout Latin America.

The drone ecosystem in Latin America is one of the fastest-growing in the world. We’re excited to expand our footprint in this dynamic region, and privileged to work with the continent’s dominant operator.

The drone ecosystem in Latin America is one of the fastest growing in the world. We are excited to expand our presence in this dynamic region and are privileged to work with the dominant carrier on the continent.

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