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Mutual Link: How does it work and what are its uses?

Mutualink or Mutual Link is the name given to a group of security and risk management solutions through the use of a multimedia interoperability platform. It consists of software and hardware necessary to generate an interconnected network of users, which aims to prevent and resolve any type of communication incident in order to prevent possible risks to people’s lives.

How does Mutual Link work?

In a few words, Mutualink serves as a link between users and those organizations specialized in security and prevention tasks, such as private agencies and even law enforcement. These are the products they offer:


  • Mutualink LNK360™ is an incident management platform that enables collaborative data exchange and promotes interconnectivity through voice, video and data. In this software, participants can join and record incidents, thus encouraging support for coordinated responses to find solutions. This entire process is carried out in real time. User credentials are provided, as well as email accounts, instructions to install the application and download links to share with customers.


  • Gateways:devices that act as connectors (connection interface) between devices and facilitate the sharing of resources, in addition to creating secure connections between systems. They are compatible with telephones, radios, videos and sensors.
  • Go Kits: Field communications kits made up of a laptop, camera, microphone and gateways that guarantee secure (encrypted) and efficient connectivity to share critical information in certain missions. They can also be integrated with any field device to create intercommunicating networks. It has two presentations: the total version (Mobile Go Kit) and the compact one (Compact Go Kit).

What are the uses of Mutua Link?


In UAV LAtam we work with this interoperability platform to improve the security of public and private entities.

Public security

Reference is made to the use of talkgroups in which it is possible to share information, location, files, videos, etc., exercising control over user permissions. It includes the management and administration of incidents in real time via multimedia (you can receive information on an incident recorded by any device, be it cell phones, surveillance cameras, among others) and geospatial mapping. It supports security tools (panic buttons, home alarms) and sensors (chemical, biological, environmental, flood and radiological), which are intended to ensure anticipation and handling of any type of accident.

School safety

The School Alert System consists of intercommunicating the devices (cell phones, telephones and radios) of the schools with the police and emergency centers in the presence of an incident. Panic buttons that give the alert and alert the authorities can be integrated, while all this information is shared in a network to be analyzed and provide guidance on what action to take.


Governments handle sensitive information that can only be shared in certain spaces and with specific people, which is why Mutualink uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient encryption that, however, guarantees fast, fluid and controlled communication.

Health system / Hospitals

Hospitals are an integral part of the community of emergency centers because they are institutions in charge of curing people. On the other hand, the most critical factor in effectively resolving an emergency is time. Taking all this into consideration, it is necessary for them to have a response network that they can rely on in the event of a violent incident (armed robbery of equipment or medicine, kidnapping of babies, assaults). In this sense, Mutualink has alert systems, shooting detection systems, panic buttons, among others.

Commercial Security

This system is designed for work areas, companies, shopping centers and other areas of the private sector. Solutions are offered, among which are the monitoring of traffic, weather, location and geolocation of both collaborators and clients, among others. The purpose is to consolidate an intercommunicating network that enhances productivity and also provides effective solutions in the presence of any inconvenience or incident. In this sense, Mutualink collects data from sensors, cameras and other devices, to later integrate this information and manage it effectively.

How to acquire Mutual Link?

If you reside in Latin America and are interested in contracting the services provided by Mutualink, the best option is to do so through UAV Latam. We are a company that provides advice on high technology, artificial intelligence and computing. In addition, we have experts in multiple areas (such as electronics, critical communications, mechatronics, etc.), who will provide you with first-rate support so that you can take full advantage of this security platform. Find us in this link.

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