UAV Latam is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all people, without discrimination of any kind and without sexual or workplace harassment.

The purpose of this policy is to adapt the general and specific rules to prevent, investigate and punish sexual harassment regulated by Law No. 27942, Law on Prevention and Punishment of sexual harassment and its Regulations, Supreme Decree No. 014-2019-MIM and Supreme Decree 021-2021-MIMP.

UAV Latam will maintain zero tolerances for any harassment event and such reported acts will be treated with due reserve, transparency and seriousness.

This policy applies to all people (Employees, practitioners, supplier contractors and third parties) who carry out activities on behalf of UAV LATAM based on Peruvian legal regulations for their prevention.

To achieve this, our base is the following:

    • Reject any type of sexual or sexist conduct in all our headquarters and countries where we operate, so we seek to guarantee a work environment free from all forms of sexual harassment, in which the dignity and integrity of all people is respected.
    • Adopt the necessary measures to prevent, identify, investigate and punish any conduct of sexual harassment in a timely manner, in accordance with current legal regulations and good practices on the matter.
    • We are committed to incorporating and disseminating the appropriate controls, policies and mechanisms that ensure the labor well-being of all employees, in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct and other company policies.
    • Motivate all staff to commit to the identification and eradication of behaviors that constitute sexual harassment in the workplace.

At UAV LATAM, a work environment free from sexual harassment is promoted in which people can develop respectful relationships, based on gender equality. This institution rejects sexual harassment as a practice contrary to Human Rights.

The conduct of sexual harassment carried out by one or a group of people related to the organization in the workplace, will be sanctioned according to the internal regulations or the provisions that the inspection authority.

* Law No. 27942: Law on Prevention and Punishment of Sexual Harassment.

In case of having been a victim or witness of an act of sexual harassment carried out or that affects a worker of our company. Submit your complaint or report as follows:

1. Download and complete the following form

2. Send the completed form to the mail

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