We offer solutions for all types of industry through data collection with drones, which are equipped with a variety of sensors and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software.

Our automated drone service is focused on generating smart mining for continuous and safe inspection.

Added to this is security in automated drone systems to generate intelligent mining with continuous inspection capacity. Likewise, we provide data and terrain survey and mapping services, compliance management in industrial zones; all this without exposing the worker to potential mine hazards.
Oil and Gas
With our drone service you can improve emergency response and recovery, provide situational visibility of life in the event of fire, spills and other emergencies, perform routine inspections and gain real-time visibility of systems and sites where previously it was a challenge. observe, fix and maintain.
The use of drones allows solar panel teams to reduce inspection time by 70%, a significant reduction compared to traditional methods. The drone performs a continuous scan, obtaining images of the entire surface covered by the zonal panels.
Infrastructure and Maintenance
The applications of drones in infrastructures will be the monitoring, maintenance and inventory of assets. Other applications such as intrusion detection, prevention and site and job task security stand out. The number of life-threatening accidents on an average construction site, being monitored by drones, is estimated to have dropped by 91%. In the construction area they are used for supervision, monitoring and control of work.
Defense And Operations
Our drones are equipped with term sensors to maximize the operator's ability to detect individuals within a danger zone, as well as damage and disaster assessment.
Security And Vigilance
Our drones monitor subjects of interest without risk. Thanks to our infrared sensors of our drones you will be able to keep the environment of your operations safe.

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Software IA
Artificial Intelligence for high-speed processing of aerial images, detection...

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We offer solutions for all types of industry through data collection with drones.

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