Defense And Operations

Our drones are equipped with term sensors to maximize the operator's ability to detect individuals within a danger zone, as well as damage and disaster assessment.
  • Search and rescue
Defense And Operations
Defense And Operations
  • Monitoring with RGB camera and you end up in hard-to-reach areas
  • Damage and disaster assessment
Defense And Operations


Zala 421-8M
Zala 421-16EM
Zala 421-16 E2
Zala 421 - 16E


Software that uses images to generate point clouds, digital surface models, orthomosaics, among others.
Software used to process digital images by combining digital photogrammetry techniques to generate a 3D reconstruction of the environment.

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Coastal Child 2017
We carried out the mapping service, with which our drones obtained 3D images of the entire affected area. Likewise, our drones carried out photogrammetry work.
Operation Harpia I
We gave a service to the Amazon and National Surveillance System (SIVAN) of the Peruvian State, which consisted in the implementation of the collection, analysis and dissemination of information on the territory in real time.

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