Oil and Gas

Identify erosions, cracks and general wear with our drones through high resolution cameras and sensors.
  • Surveillance with autonomous and georeferenced teams
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
  • Day and night monitoring
  • Right of way
Oil and Gas


Lidar True View 515
Zala 421-16EM
Matrice 600 Pro
Matrice 300 RTK


Software that uses images to generate point clouds, digital surface models, orthomosaics, among others.
Software used to process digital images by combining digital photogrammetry techniques to generate a 3D reconstruction of the environment.

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North Peruvian Pipeline Inspection - Petroperú
Our service consisted of 24-hour monitoring and surveillance of the entire pipeline.
Station 5 - Petroperú
Our service consisted in the monitoring of possible areas affected by oil spills, as well as the photogrammetric survey for the evaluation of land to be explored.

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Software IA
Artificial Intelligence for high-speed processing of aerial images, detection...

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We are highly specialized professionals in the development, integration, production, operation and maintenance of UAV / Drones.

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