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Perimeter Security: What are the best current systems?

The use of security systems has become essential to guarantee the protection of both private and commercial spaces. In this context, traditional security tools have relied on technology to perform their functions more efficiently.

What is Perimeter Security?

Perimeter Security refers to an integrated system that houses the necessary elements to defend against threats or intrusion attempts to a specific space or perimeter, which can be both physical (businesses, homes or offices) and virtual (private networks of computer systems or data of a sensitive nature).

Perimeter Security is classified according to its scope of action.

Physical perimeter

Here the integration of elements and systems occurs (electronic, such as surveillance cameras and alarms, or mechanical such as locks, protective fences, among others), which are responsible for protecting, resisting and alerting about any attempted attack, intrusion or infringement directed towards a certain space, which is covered by a perimeter.

For the choice of suitable equipment, factors such as environmental conditions (resistance to rain, dust, high and low temperatures), sensitivity (in the case of alarms, since both vegetation and animals could cause false alarms) must be taken into account. alerts) and terrain conditions to protect (extension, lighting, number of entrances and windows, among others).

Among the types of systems, we have: thermal cameras with connection to video analysis systems, laser and microwave barriers, sensor and fiber optic cables, radars, drones, etc.

Virtual perimeter

This concept, which is closely related to the field of computing, refers to the protection that a security device (firewall) can provide to an internal network connected to an external one (Internet). Likewise, its function is to protect systems and devices from any type of unauthorized intrusion that may cause sensitive data to be leaked. In short, techniques are used (filters responsible for recognizing valid internal and external services) that detect intrusion attempts or suspicious behavior on the network, issue alerts, and block unauthorized traffic. Some of the most well-known and used cybersecurity products are the firewall (also called “firewalls”, which act as barriers between controlled devices), VPN (or “Virtual private network”, a virtual private network that makes encrypted connections to the Internet ), specialized security software, among others.

Perimeter Security

We must take into account that the more complex the perimeter structure, the more sophisticated and specialized the necessary tools must be to fulfill the security function. For example, the protection and control of a company will be a more complex task than the surveillance of a private home.
Now that we are clear about these basic concepts, we will proceed to analyze which are the best perimeter security systems today:

Detection sensors

They are responsible for converting a physical phenomenon into a measurable analog or digital voltage, which is transmitted for further analysis. In other words: they capture the distance, presence or absence of an object in a certain environment, to then send an alarm to a control center. These include seismic sensors (they detect seismic ground vibrations produced by vehicles or people), wireless sensors (in addition to identifying ground vibrations, they determine the direction the movement is coming from) and infrared sensors (they identify temperature differences between environment and objects). For more information about the equipment we use in UAV, you can check this link.


Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles capable of autonomous flights and specialized functions, including surveillance, patrol and tracking. One of the multiple advantages that it provides consists of the fact that the tasks are carried out remotely, thus minimizing the risks of any attempt to intrude on the insured perimeter. They also have the advantage that different accessories can be adapted to them, such as recognition sensors and radars. For more information on some equipment you can check this link.


These devices are responsible for preventing unauthorized drones from entering a restricted area. Its function is to send electromagnetic waves that block the signal of the drone (both from the satellites and from the remote control from which it is piloted), preventing it from continuing its flight. For more information on some anti-drone equipment you can review this link.

Specialized software (Firewalls, VPNs, IPS and IDS)

These virtual perimeter security solutions serve to fortify networks and the Internet, in addition to ensuring that all types of communication are carried out according to certain access policies and issuing alerts in the event of possible intrusions and threats to privacy.

How to know what type of perimeter security system best suits your needs?

If you are interested in reinforcing the security of a territory or business, we invite you to contact our audit service. We are a leading company in matters, a recommended option is to contact the advisory service of UAV Latam, a leading company in high technology matters. you can contact us through this link.

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