Our offer of services with drones, remote sensors, software and image processors, guarantee an adequate solution to your needs for inspection, monitoring, project and infrastructure control, topography, emergency care and others, with high quality results and complying with all aeronautical regulations and applicable technical standards.

Aircraft that fly without a crew, capable of autonomously maintaining the controlled and sustained level of flight, which is propelled by an explosion, electric or jet engine. Their wide variety of applications has made them currently used in different industrial sectors offering greater benefits for your operations.
Laser system that allows to measure the distance from the emission point to an object or surface. The result is to obtain a high-resolution 3D map to recognize the terrain in question and its geography in detail.
Tethereds use a permanent physical link, in the form of a flexible wire or cable, to provide power and communications with the drone. Its use is given for situations in which the required flight resistance is greater than that of the free flight drone, and only a minimum operating area is needed.
Anti-drones work by sending electromagnetic waves that make the drone lose awareness of its satellites and the remote control signal of the person who is piloting them, so it cannot continue the flight.
Submarine ROV
ROVs are very effective for searching due to their great versatility and adaptability in hard-to-reach areas. This saves time and human resources, as well as having a better perspective of the area to work.
Critical Communications
Platform for expeditious and rapid response to a natural disaster, humanitarian assistance, industrial projects, etc. MERCs offer command and operation stations that are lightweight, towable, and sustainable.
Detection Sensors
Detection devices detect the distance, absence or presence of an object by sending an alarm to the control center.

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Social work
UAV Latam belongs to a Peruvian Robotics Knowledge Center that focuses on solving local challenges and needs through the use of appropriate robotics and artificial intelligence technologies.

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For the success of all our projects, we have forged an informed, pragmatic and high-tech approach.

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