data capture and processing drones and artificial intelligence (AI) for the industry in argentina

Now in Argentina you can count on Staff with experience and technology aimed at automating processes, generating efficiency and reducing operational risks.

Support of UAVLatam

Experience and Inspections of Chimneys in Argentina

Periodic review and analysis of records, of the following type:

  1. Leak inspections.
  2. Inspections of regulation, relief and pressure limitation equipment.
  3. Corrosion control inspections.
  4. Investigations of facility failures.

Survey Chimneys

What kind of services we do

We relieve, Operate and Process

We collect information and generate: Orthomosaic, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Surface Models (MDS), Volumetric Contours and Topographic Mapping, 3D Visualization, Multispectral Images, Bathymetry, Lidar System, Building Information Modeling (BIM) , Mobile Mapping, among others

Implement the definition of operational protocols and optimal processes for the improvement of the productive processes of the industry.

Trajectory and leadership

+3 years of experience in the most important sectors

Data analytics with AI

Transform your data into valuable information. Get precise insights for making more timely and accurate decisions.

Depending on the sector to be analyzed, the basic demonstrations are coordinated between the parties so that the client understands and has an approximate of the work to be carried out.

Patrimonial security

Protect your assets and areas of interest with our drone solution to make your aquatic and terrestrial space safer and better controlled.

We have drones in the box, Automatic Battery Replacement System, for continuous patrols in remote sites with online visualization.


Do not wait more…. We already have the equipment in Argentina, come to Tigre and request a live demo at no cost. Drone Cargo’s goal is that with intelligent flight planning, our drone delivery solution está orientada a reducir el tiempo de entrega para las empresas de manera eficiente y segura.

Depending on the sector to be analyzed, the basic demonstrations are coordinated between the parties so that the client understands and has an approximate of the work to be carried out.

Trajectory and leadership

10+ years of experience in the most important sectors


Detailed geometric and volumetric 3D data, as well as high-resolution geospatial data.

  • Operations monitoring
  • Hoisting of explosives, control
    material movement, dimension
  • Terrain modeling for contour lines Infrastructure inspection
  • River basin monitoring
  • Volumetric calculation
  • Drone in a box


Identify erosions, cracks and general wear through high-resolution cameras and sensors.

  • Right of way
  • Inspection of critical infrastructures
  • Spill simulation
  • Topography
  • Actives’ inventory
  • Inspection of contaminated areas
  • Identification of changes in the infracritical
  • Drone in a box
  • Photogrammetric Survey
  • Bathymetric survey
  • TEA inspections of oil facilities
  • Magnetography
  • Methane Gas Inspection


Our solutions support producers in the agriculture industry at different stages of the production process in their effort to improve productivity.

  • Plant and Animal Count
  • Plant health status
  • Multispectral Indices
  • Precision farming

Defense and Security

Maximize the ability to detect individuals within a danger zone, and assess damage and disasters.

  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Anti-drone systems (detection and inhibition)
  • Military Equipment
  • Intelligence flights

Infrastructure, Construction and Telecommunications

Evaluate the technical state of your infrastructure and carry out an inventory process.

  • Tower inspection
    telecommunications (Monitoring of
    project works
  • Inventories and volumetry in open pit
  • Digital terrain modeling for
    contour lines
  • Monitoring to quantify progress of erosive processes
  • Inspection and location of buoys together with availability of resources
  • Technical analysis of industrial plants
  • BIM modeling of equipment and buildings
  • Orthomosaic survey
  • Bathymetric survey for generation of models for river and sea dredging volumes
  • Identification of historical vestiges for land modeling


We help you reduce the inspection time of your solar panels, high voltage towers, wind farms, up to 70%.

  • Inspection and monitoring of High Voltage towers and electrical distribution circuits
  • Inspection and monitoring of Photovoltaic Parks
  • Inspection and monitoring of Wind Farms
  • Monitoring of project works
  • Thermographic inspections on solar panels


We have a wide range of services aimed at supporting the public/state sector in SAR operations, aerial surveillance, border control, care of heritage assets, among others.

  • Cadastre
  • infrastructure inspection
  • River basin monitoring
  • Monitoring of archaeological remains
  • Equipment sale
  • Presentation of projects
  • Preservation and sanitation of areas of environmental value

cargo and logistics

Fast air transport of high-importance goods to congested or remote urban areas without ground transportation.

  • Medical material transport
  • logistics transport

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Certifications and approvals

We have ISO 9001 Certification in Operations and with Remote Pilots (UAV) with all the qualifications in Classes and Categories
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