data capture and processing drones and artificial intelligence (AI) for Costa Rican industry

We offer public and private companies in Costa Rica solutions by collecting and processing data and insights through the use of unmanned aircraft, also called Drones.
Experience and technology aimed at automating processes, generating efficiency and reducing operational risks.

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Experience and technology in drones for Costa Rica

We promote innovation in Costa Rica through the use of technology. Our AI drone service provides valuable information for more efficient decision making.

AI allows us to detect events, make predictions, recognize objects, and get accurate and valuable results.

Edesur Solar Station


technology for more efficient operations

Learn how our solutions allow your operations and processes to be more efficient, even in the most complex scenarios and conditions.

Data analytics with AI

Transform your data into valuable information. Get precise insights for making more timely and accurate decisions.

We have AI software for high-speed data processing with the aim of helping businesses make more assertive decisions.

We transform images into information to detect possible improvements and have accurate results.

Security and defense

Protect your assets and areas of interest with our drone solution to make your aquatic and terrestrial space safer and better controlled.

Guarantee the security of your operations through perimeter and operational monitoring both day and night, surveillance with thermographic cameras to locate and track objects, use of drones to fight crime, among other operations.


With intelligent flight planning, our drone delivery solution reduces the time and cost of delivery and performs it safely and efficiently.

We offer drone systems for both short and long range distances.

Among the options we offer, delivery of small food and medicine packages, useful for emergency or other situations.

Trajectory and leadership

10+ years of experience in the most important sectors


We carry out inventory of materials and topographic survey.

  • BIM modeling of equipment and buildings
  • Identification of historical vestiges for land modeling
  • Digital terrain modeling for
    contour lines
  • Monitoring of dust emissions and other inventories
  • topographic survey
  • multispectral maps


We provide up-to-date information regarding the environment for decision-making in favor of the Planet.

  • Protection of ecosystems, fauna and biodiversity
  • Ocean temperature measurement
  • Fight against forest fires
  • Volcanographic activity monitoring
  • Air quality and humidity monitoring
  • Inspection of ecosystems and soil quality.


Solutions for the different stages of cultivation with the aim of improving productivity.

  • Counting (quantification) of Plants and Animals
  • Plant health status (diagnosis)
  • Performing calculations
  • vegetative indices
  • Multispectral Indices
  • Precision farming

Defense and Security

Damage and disaster assessment and object detection to preserve well-being.

  • Detection of individuals in danger zone
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Anti-drone systems (detection and inhibition)
  • Country emergencies (natural disasters)
  • Damage assessment
  • Search and rescue operations

Infrastructure, Construction and Telecommunications

We evaluate the technical state of your infrastructure as well as cartography and photogametry work.

  • Inventories and volumetry in open pit
  • Monitoring to quantify progress of erosive processes
  • Reduced planning costs
  • Technical analysis of industrial plants
  • Orthomosaic survey
  • Tower inspection
    telecommunications (Monitoring of
    project works)


El uso de drones en las operaciones en torres de alta tensión y aerogeneradores reduce el tiempo de inspección hasta en un 80%.

  • Inspection and monitoring of High Voltage towers and electrical distribution circuits
  • Inspection and monitoring of Photovoltaic Parks
  • Inspection and monitoring of Wind Farms
  • Monitoring of project works
  • Thermographic inspections on solar panels


We have services aimed at supporting the public/state sector, air surveillance, border control, heritage assets, among others.

  • Cadastre
  • infrastructure inspection
  • River basin monitoring
  • Monitoring of archaeological remains
  • Equipment sale
  • Presentation of projects
  • Preservation and sanitation of areas of environmental value

cargo and logistics

Fast air transport of high-importance goods to congested or remote urban areas without ground transportation.

  • Medical material transport
  • logistics transport

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INCAE Family Day

Asistimos al campus de INCAE en Alajuela para compartir con los incaistas en el día familiar organizado por la institución. Dimos a conocer nuestro conocimiento así como los alcances de un drone, que son de utilidad para exalumnos del INCAE en sus trabajos actuales para mejorar la productividad y la eficiencia.
Presencia en el segundo Congreso Regional Internacional orientado a la zona Chorotega, realizado en Nicoya por el CITT y el CFIA, llevando conocimiento y tecnología a la provincia de Guanacaste.

Congreso Cierre Anual CFIA

Conmemoración de los 120 años del CFIA con foco en la zona occidente del país junto a 300 personas de distintas profesiones, principalmente ingenieros, topógrafos y arquitectos. Expusimos nuestra marca y nuestros servicios a disponibilidad de los negocios costarricenses.

Congreso CFIA Nicoya

Participación en el congreso del CFIA organizado en Nicoya en el que se celebraron los 120 años de fundación del CFIA.


Primero Congreso Regional organizado por el Colegio de Ingenieros Topógrafos de Costa Rica realizado en la zona sur del país. Se trataron temas como la geomática y el ordenamiento territorial.

Congreso CIT: Topografía, Catastro, Geodesia y Geomática

Ponencia respecto al uso de la tecnología de drones y la transformación de información y modelos digitales (BIM) en temas relacionados a ingienería, topografía, catastro, geomática y otros relacionados.

XIV Congreso Geológico de América Central

Participación en el Congreso de Geólogos de América Central,

Feria del Café Frailes 2023

Participación en la feria mostrando cómo nuestra tecnología puede ayudar a la industria cafetalera de nuestro país, una de las más importantes en el rubro de la exportación.


Participación como expositores en la Feria MAKERS organizada por la Universidad CENFOTEC donde se promueve la innovación y la tecnología. Exposición sobre Tecnología Multiespectral y Drones.
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