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Experience and technology in drones for the Dominican Republic

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technology for more efficient operations

Learn how our solutions allow your operations and processes to be more efficient, even in the most complex scenarios and conditions.

inspection of solar and wind farms

Preventive inspections with drones in photovoltaic parks detect failures quickly and safely, identify incidents in solar panels more efficiently, generating significant cost savings and increased safety for workers.

  • Inspection of transmission and electrical distribution towers
  • Inspection of photovoltaic and wind generation parks
  • Video recording and inspection with thermal camera
  • Detection, recognition and identification of specific targets or networks
  • More accurate thermal analysis
  • Detect solar panel defects and assembly errors
  • vegetation growth
  • Equipment inventory
    Environmental monitoring, to detect any chemical leaks or unauthorized emissions

Inspection of telecommunication towers

Inspections of telecommunications towers with drones make it possible to detect defects and assembly errors, visualize vegetation growth, inventory equipment and available spaces efficiently and safely, generating cost and time savings.

  • Maximize tower functionality with accurate information
  • Locate erosions, cracks and general wear
  • Detect hidden electrical faults
  • Locate mounting errors
  • Detection of hot spots
  • Connection verification
  • Safely detect and prevent cell tower faults
  • Montage Mapping
  • Asset audit
  • Digital twins of the towers
  • Identify excessive vegetation and bird nests
  • Monitoring progress of works and facilities

Cadastral updating and territorial planning

LPhotogrammetric survey of critical areas, to generate inputs that allow for geospatial and cadastral analysis to improve and facilitate the process of validation and survey of urban properties.

  • Georeferenced orthomosaic
  • Digital surface model
  • Digital terrain model
  • Contour lines
  • Dense point cloud
  • Panimetry
  • Altimetry
  • Municipal Geodetic Network

Trajectory and leadership

10+ years of experience in the most important sectors


Detailed geometric and volumetric 3D data, as well as high-resolution geospatial data.

  • Operations monitoring
  • Hoisting of explosives, control
    material movement, dimension
  • Terrain modeling for contour lines Infrastructure inspection
  • River basin monitoring
  • Volumetric calculation
  • Drone in a box


Identify erosions, cracks and general wear through high-resolution cameras and sensors.

  • Right of way
  • Inspection of critical infrastructures
  • Spill simulation
  • Topography
  • Actives’ inventory
  • Inspection of contaminated areas
  • Identification of changes in the infracritical
  • Drone in a box
  • Photogrammetric Survey
  • Bathymetric survey
  • TEA inspections of oil facilities
  • Magnetography
  • Methane Gas Inspection


Our solutions support producers in the agriculture industry at different stages of the production process in their effort to improve productivity.

  • Plant and Animal Count
  • Plant health status
  • Multispectral Indices
  • Precision farming

Defense and Security

Maximize the ability to detect individuals within a danger zone, and assess damage and disasters.

  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Anti-drone systems (detection and inhibition)
  • Military Equipment
  • Intelligence flights

Infrastructure, Construction and Telecommunications

Evaluate the technical state of your infrastructure and carry out an inventory process.

  • Tower inspection
    telecommunications (Monitoring of
    project works
  • Inventories and volumetry in open pit
  • Digital terrain modeling for
    contour lines
  • Monitoring to quantify progress of erosive processes
  • Inspection and location of buoys together with availability of resources
  • Technical analysis of industrial plants
  • BIM modeling of equipment and buildings
  • Orthomosaic survey
  • Bathymetric survey for generation of models for river and sea dredging volumes
  • Identification of historical vestiges for land modeling


We help you reduce the inspection time of your solar panels, high voltage towers, wind farms, up to 70%.

  • Inspection and monitoring of High Voltage towers and electrical distribution circuits
  • Inspection and monitoring of Photovoltaic Parks
  • Inspection and monitoring of Wind Farms
  • Monitoring of project works
  • Thermographic inspections on solar panels


We have a wide range of services aimed at supporting the public/state sector in SAR operations, aerial surveillance, border control, care of heritage assets, among others.

  • Cadastre
  • infrastructure inspection
  • River basin monitoring
  • Monitoring of archaeological remains
  • Equipment sale
  • Presentation of projects
  • Preservation and sanitation of areas of environmental value

cargo and logistics

Fast air transport of high-importance goods to congested or remote urban areas without ground transportation.

  • Medical material transport
  • logistics transport

Success stories

Estación Solar Edesur

Inspección de paneles central solar Edesur

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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum in enim ac turpis porta posuere."
Raúl Fernández - Gerente Infraestructura Edesur

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